New Release Updates January 2023

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New Release Updates January 2023

24 January 2023

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • Paragraph tags in custom CSS are being overrriden by core TI CSS.
  • Pass / Fail messages of quizzes edited at the client level maintain the pass/fail message from the parent quiz.
  • Able to create a new tag with the same name as an existing folder.
  • Unable to remove co-organizers for Zoom content items in certain scenarios.
  • Unpublished course sections and lessons are displayed on the content detail page “Syllabus” tab.

18 January 2023

🔥 New Features

REPORTING - Meetings Overview in Reporting Hub

We’ve added a new Meetings Overview dashboard to Reporting Hub Library! Here you can access a list of all scheduled ILT and VILT meetings in one place. This dashboard will make it easier for you to:

  • see upcoming meetings for a particular course or instructor
  • double-check that meetings data has been entered correctly
  • check number of enrolled learners or how many attended and more!

To view this new dashboard, go to Reporting Hub Library Learner Actions > Meetings Overview.


🔥 New Features

ECOMMERCE - Improved Dollar Off Coupons for Bulk Purchases

Users can now apply a dollar off coupon to multiple seats when purchasing in bulk. Previously, applying a dollar ($) off coupon only applied the discount to one seat in the order, rather than multiplying it across all seats.

🖌️ Note

It is also still possible to apply percent off coupons to bulk purchases (no change in behavior for that method).


🔥 New Features

TRANSCRIPTS - Show Multiple Course Completions on Transcripts

We’ve made an improvement to transcript functionality for courses that learners retake multiple times. You can now optionally display a record of all completions of courses, learning paths, and ILTs/VILTs on the learner transcript.

Previously, the only way to display multiple course completions was to attach a certificate to the course and enable the Display Expired Certificates setting. However, based on customer feedback that learners may need to see a history of all course completions for courses without certificates, we've added this new option!

Default behavior remains unchanged, but you can now enable a site-wide setting to display a record of ALL completions of courses, learning paths, ILTs, and VILTs on the learner transcript.

⛳️ Displaying Past Course Completions is behind a feature flag. Reach out to your CSM or Thought Industries Tech Success & Support for assistance to enable this feature in your instance.


🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:


  • Unable to refund purchases to learners from the payments tab
  • Unable to create Webex Training Sessions in anything but the instance's time zone

12 January 2023

🔐 Security

Data Security Update

Thought Industries continues to be committed to providing our customers with outstanding information security and data privacy practices. In addition to Thought Industries’ existing SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA compliance audit reports, we are no also ISO 270001 Certified as of December 2022. As evidenced by the achievement of these accreditations and certifications, Thought Industries strives to continually improve our InfoSec and data privacy practices to meet the ever-changing and evolving threats that exist in the enterprise SaaS environment.

In furtherance of these practices, Thought Industries has shortened its platform-wide data retention period to only ninety (90) days, and we have implemented additional security measures to meet our customers’ demands for data privacy and security.

Documentation describing Thought Industries’ InfoSec and data privacy standards and practices is available to our customers upon request.

10 January 2023

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • Don’t allow duplicate sections in Support/FAW widget
  • Improve spacing for multiple choice questions with many answer options
  • Price is displayed for learning paths provisioned to panoramas when “always display detail page” setting is enabled
  • Improve flow for saving & deleting award qualifications
  • Change quantity on the content detail page for item already in cart
  • Incorrect breadcrumb in manager navigation
  • Improve spacing for sessions in content management list
  • Fix tooltip for language globe icon in content management list
  • Catalog Widget clicking/switching views issues 

4 January 2023

🚩 Quality Improvements

We released the following quality improvements:

  • Learner event notifications now include links to additional calendar types! Learners can click to add the event to their Google and Outlook calendars, in addition to the standard ICS event file. No action is needed on your part to start displaying these options - your recipients will see these new calendar links on any event learner notifications you have set up.

  • When authoring Articles and Videos, we’ve optimized the authoring area by removing excess white space in the user interface.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • Allow failed BI and SFMP syncs to automatically retry on next scheduled sync

  • Subscription coupon page won’t load when fields include invalid characters (e.g. decimals)

🔔 Early Announcement

ECOMMERCE - Allow dollar off coupons for bulk purchases

We’re expanding the function of coupons so that users can effectively apply dollar off coupons to bulk purchases. Currently, applying a dollar off coupon only applies the discount to one seat in the order but the new behavior will multiply it across all seats. This functionality is scheduled to release on January 18th (subject to change).

BI CONNECTOR - Require SSL for BI Connector

We want to ensure our security is top notch so we are going to require enabling SSL for BI Connector in an upcoming release. If you are using BI Connector, you most likely do not need to take any action. However, if you haven’t installed a certificate and enabled SSL with your connection, please review the steps below and decide if action needs to be taken.

  1. Download the certificate from AWS by clicking here.
  2. Follow instructions for the relevant product you’re using to connect to BI Connector.
  3. Install the certificate and enable SSL with root certificate.

⚠️ Warning

If you have not enabled SSL by the release date, there will not be any adverse effects on your data. However, you will get errors and be unable to connect going forward. If this happens, please follow the steps provided to solve this issue.

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