New Release Updates May 2023

New Release Updates May 2023

30 May 2023

🚩 Quality Improvement

We released the following quality improvements:

  • Page completion follows relevant completion criteria.
    within a course if a page has relevant course completion criteria attached, the page will be marked as complete at the same time the completion criteria is marked as complete. For example, if a course has a “SCORM complete” completion criterion, the relevant SCORM page will only be marked complete when a “complete” status is returned by the SCORM object. Previously, some page types with completion criteria attached were marked as complete based on the “# of seconds required for completion” page setting, sending conflicting messages to the learner.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • The display of an item in a catalog widget is showing extra white text at the bottom and the View Details text is not aligned with the price.
  • All Columns in the Panorama Sublicenses Page are sorting with whole page refresh and the cursor is displayed incorrectly.
  • Email notifications for certificate expiration are sometimes not sent.
  • For EU instances, the subject line in learner notification emails is not correctly displaying substitutions.
  • E-Commerce Tag Filter not returning all results for certain tags.
  • In certain scenarios, courses deleted from a milestone in a learning path will still be displayed to learners.
  • If a catalog is using tags to filter Content to Display in Widget, searching using terms that generate no results creates a popup error.

24 May 2023

🔔 Early Announcement

SETTINGS: change to Default Link Behavior for Cookie Banner

Our June 7th release will include a ticket that removes the hyperlink to the Thought Industries corporate site privacy policy from the default cookie banner. The actual default verbiage will remain unchanged:

We use necessary cookies to make our site work. By clicking “accept”, you agree that we may also set optional analytics and third party behavioral advertising cookies to help us improve our site and to provide information to third parties. For more information on how these cookies work, please see our privacy policy.

Who is affected?

This change will only affect your instance if you have enabled the cookie banner but have not changed the default privacy policy link, in which case you’ll need to take action to avoid a broken link with a “page not found” error. See recommended actions below.

On the other hand, if you’ve already customized this banner to remove the link to our site privacy policy and replace it with your own platform privacy policy, then you’re already conforming to best practices and this change will have no impact for your Thought Industries instance.

Recommended actions

If you’re using the default cookie banner, we recommend updating the translation to link your platform privacy policy:

  • Log in as an admin and navigate to Translations.
  • Search for the cookies.statement translation in the General category.
  • Edit this translation to link to your privacy policy and make any other edits necessary for your own cookie notice/policy.

💥 Tip

You can also read more about cookie policy functionality in our article on Configuring Cookie Policy and Settings.

16 May 2023

🚩 Quality Improvements

We released the following quality improvements:

  • Released on 12 April 2023: You can now limit the number of days learners have access to gifted and bulk purchase content. Previously, the Limit days of access after enrollment? setting did not apply to learners who gained access to content via gifting or bulk purchasing. With the release of this optimization, any access limit you establish with this setting will also be respected for gifted or bulk purchase content.

🖌 Note

This change will only apply to purchases made after this release.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • Learner is unable to view an earned certificate if “always regenerate certificates” setting is active and the certificate template is updated.
  • Page cannot be found error when a panorama admin clicks on the link to “Users” from the Learner Import Page.
  • ILT sessions created from an original session do not auto populate an end enrollment date.
  • Pre-Post ILT sessions should not require an end enrollment date.
  • Cannot provision a course by the “course id” when creating a new user via the API.


10 May 2023

🔥 New Features

COMMUNICATIONS: Improved Admin Control of System Notifications

We’ve added a System Notifications page that allows you to granularly control many of the system notifications that are automatically sent to learners based on certain triggers. Previously, these notifications could not be individually disabled.

see the new System Notifications support article for details on System Notifications and Default Platform Emails to Learners > How to Use System Notifications.

View the page at Communications > system Notifications.

🚩 Quality Improvements

We released the following quality improvements:

  • Updates to learning path access and status updates in a learner profile: when an admin visits the Access tab of a learner’s profile, they will now have a better experience when completing a search for a learning path. Specifically, the learner’s list of enrolled learning paths now displays separately, below the learning path search bar. This update also exposes the learning path status, which was not previously visible within this interface. Admins now have the ability to change this status of the learning path (e.g. started, complete). There is no change to learner experience with this update.


  • Improved learner experience for webinars: Webinars will now launch in a new tab for a learner, regardless of webinar provider.

👁️ Accessibility Improvements

We released the following accessibility improvement:

  • WCAG: Ensure that color is not the sole means of communicating the presence of a hyperlink or error message. Add other visual indicators, such as underlining the link or a descriptive “Error” label.

2 May 2023

🐞 Bug Fixes

We released fixes for the following:

  • A generic error when clicking from Panorama reporting hub to main site reporting hub.
  • Clicking save within the event tab of a session for a VILT course group (regardless of whether the event has been modified), automatically re-adds the meeting as a required completion criteria to the session (if it has been removed).
  • Snippets containing CAM assets are not rendered within the pass/fail message of a quiz.
  • Unable to pin group dashboards within Reporting Hub.
  • Various typos within bulk import and E-commerce modules.
  • Replace the print/email button with a "View All Workbooks" button in the utilities section of the course menu to allow all reflection questions to populate before printing.
  • Searching for single word custom content fields fails when using the main content search filters.
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