Starting a topic on ILTs/VILTs

  • 31 January 2024
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Hello, All!

My team and I are curious how other folks handle ILTs/VILTs. We have run into a number of roadblocks, and we are wondering how others work around these issues that are occurring. 


  1. Zoom integration is not reading back to TI the attendance. 
  2. Zoom is sending links to learners and we want them to attend through TI. 
  3. Private sessions (unreleased) not showing up in learning paths. 
  4. Co-organizer cannot download the video to upload because the passcode is not being sent and it is company policy that a passcode is required. 
  5. When a recorded webinar is received, how can we add it as a session to allow folks to attend live or the recorded version? Like an Equivalent. 

Thank you in advance for any input/assistance!

6 replies

Hi Marietta, 

We don’t currently use ILTs/VILTs, but for your point #3 a few questions: 

  1. Do you all use tags of any sort? Is the content tagged at all? 
  2. Has the content/learning path been assigned to the panorama or group? 

Curious if either of those apply to your instance. We have found that if we don’t want something to show we don’t tag it with anything and ensure we don’t give access to the content by adding to groups. 

Wish I could be more of a help, as I’m sure you probably already have looked into what was mentioned. 

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We don’t use the vILT for a few of these same reasons. The biggest one is the attendance tracking. We have a good amount of people that come in for a few minutes and then drop, so by our attendance standards - they wouldn’t be attended, but they show up on the reports. 

We also find the need to change out links or update them from time to time and the integration doesn’t allow that. 

So, we use the ILT template instead and just add the link to the zoom room (or other platform) in the text box. This allows us to do the attendance based on our criteria, eliminates the emails, and we can control the swap out if we need to. If you need to add the recorded session after, you can add the recording link and info in the same place (or another page) or if you download the recordings to avoid the zoom storage, you can upload to a video page. Access would then be managed with your zoom account. 


As far as the unreleased content, I can add unreleased content to a LP by selecting the unrealeased session, but it won’t show up for the learner to choose it because of the unreleased status. 

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We use Zoom for our VILT sessions. We use Zoom webinar and it does report back attendance for us, but like @Alexis McLaughlin said, it isn’t always ideal because it doesn’t really have a criteria beyond them showing would be nice to be able to say attended for x minutes or x percent of the session. 

We have recurring sessions - so we create the original, then create new sessions using the Webinar ID. 

In both Zoom and TI, we turn off Zoom notifications, so the only notifications learners get are our learner notifications from TI. 

We have to release the sessions in order for them to appear, but we don’t tag them for our catalog, so we control what people can see. (But, we also don’t have a public landing page or catalog.)

@AMartin - Thank you for your post! We have tried tagging and untagging this content, but regardless, TI has let us know that unless the sessions within the learning path are released, they will not be able to be viewed and selected for enrollment. We are going to submit a Feature Request for this though, so hopefully it will be a functionality down the road. 

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@marietta.kehoe do you use panoramas? You can segment out the courses you want to keep private to a specific group this way. 

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@marietta.kehoe do you use panoramas? You can segment out the courses you want to keep private to a specific group this way. 

We do but the problem is even through the panoramas, if it is not released you cannot see the sessions on learning paths. Releasing content makes it available to ALL audiences.