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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Thought Industries Customer Community! We’re glad you’re here. Take an opportunity to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join in the conversation. Interested in better designing your space? Getting ready to monetize your site? Want to better understand the maturity model and where your organization wants to go? There’s a place for that here.

This community is designed as a café of ideas: a space for Thought Industries users to ask questions, share experiences, collaborate and grow, personally and professionally, in the customer education space.


We welcome your participation in the communities. Conversation and sharing amongst the people that do what you do is a very powerful way to level up your practice

Some Do's:

  • Search for your question first before starting a new conversation in a channel.
  • Share your challenges and ask for advice and guidance from others here in the community. the exchange of information is what keeps our community active.
  • Share your knowledge and post your comments to others' requests. Your insights are valuable. Tips and tricks appreciated!
  • Build your network within the community. some very brilliant people hang out here
  • Say "Thanks" if someone answers your question. As our community grows, we'll be keeping track.
  • Report suspect behavior to the community moderators using community@thoughtindustries.com.
  • Be nice, be respectful to all participants. The heart of our community is the ability to feel free to share questions, solutions and opportunities.
Some Don'ts
  • Post Personal Information that you do not wish to share with the world wide web. Many of the postings here are shared out to the internet.
  • Advertise or post spam to any channel. We're here to share knowledge, not to sell.
  • Change the thread topic within a post. Keeping on topic will make it easier for everyone to refer back to a particular thread through tagging and searching.

Thought Industries Role

Being the host of a vibrant community means supporting the culture as it develops. For us, that means we'll: