Internationalization and Localization Support (Multi-language sites)

  • 21 December 2022
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Hello Community Members,

I am hoping to understand how you enable and manage course publication in multiple languages. 

  • How to configure and set languages in the catalog
  • How to export (source: English) and import (Target: translated) content from courses
  • Has anyone using Thought Industries integrated with a Translation Management System?

Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to reach out if you like to discuss these topics.

5 replies

There was a meeting today Feb 8 8:00am about Localization for community members. Did anyone call in? I was on the zoom call for 6 mins and disconnected. If it happened and I missed it, would the recorded session be available?

Hi Lucianoa,

Don’t know if you’re still looking for input, but my company recently started using Thought Industries + the Localize integration.  Happy to chat more if you’d like. 

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@lucianoa @alexandra.marchosky  We do not use any integrations because there are unavoidable challenges.  We produce in English and Spanish.  We manually, translate each page and page type outside of Ti.  We then have a native speaker review the content and make changes as needed.  We found this to be fastest, most thorough, and effective. 

We tag Spanish content as “Spanish”.  We include a suffix at the end of the title.  “Basic Rigging and Inspection Online (Spanish)”.  We do not tag or suffix English as that is our standard format.  To set languages in a catalog we simply pull in the “Spanish” tag.  The catalog widget is in English.  We don’t feel that is making it too difficult as according to the US Census Bearu nearly 40 percent of native Spanish speakers are able to contextualize if not fully read English.


Agree, @charles.zimmerman, there are challenges.  But we have customers and learners around the world and need to translate materials into 14 languages (to begin).  Managing 14 versions of every course and learning path, especially since we don’t have a full-time customer education team, is not feasible.  Thus far, the Localize + Ti challenges are all manageable and less than 14 (or more) versions of courses, learning paths, catalogs, etc.   

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@alexandra.marchosky I hear you and empathize.  I would look for a different method than we do it currently if I had more than just English and Spanish.  Keep us posted on how it goes because the day of English only is beyond ethnocentric and beyond current customer expectations.