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  • 30 November 2023
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Do ILTs in a learning path respect the enrollment limit of the individual ILT?

Here’s our scenario: We sell ILTs that have a hard limit of attendees so we use the “limit enrollment” feature within the ILTs Enrollment tab. We would like to be able to bundle 2 ILTs together for sale, but we want the individual ILTs enrollment number to be respected because we will still be selling the individual ILT as well.

The question is: If we put 2 ILTs in a learning path, will the individual ILT enrollment limit be respected after a purchase of the learning path? 


ILT A - enrollment limit = 10

ILT B - enrollment limit = 10

ILT Bundle = No enrollment limit

User A purchases ILT A individually > there are now 9 seats available for ILT A

User B purchases ILT Bundle > will the system remove 1 seat from each ILT so that there is now 8 seats available in ILT A & 9 seats available in ILT B?


Anyone have any experience with this?

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