Were you at Cognition23-Part 2?

  • 5 October 2023
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Were you at Cognition23-Part 2?
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And I thought yesterday was good! Wow! Today was mind-blowing in so many ways! (Yes, the exclamation points are necessary ;) )

Robin Wadsworth opened the day with a recap of yesterday and the attention grabbers for today and it rolled right over to the TI product showcase. There's another post out there that talks about all of the cool things we're up to, but Todd BoesJennifer Vu , Alejandro Haydar and Jessie Gold showed off some VERY cool toys. By far, the most popular comment in the chat was 🤯. And I don't disagree.

Paul Merrylees was up next with some amazing advice on serving our customers, of course, backed with some great data. Rachel Rheinhart was there to showcase some of that data. You can always count on Paul and Rachel to have the information you need to move your program in the direction you want to go.

Robin wrapped up the morning and showcased the dual track afternoon.

Track I started with Sadie Dickman discussing accessibility with Jonathan Avila, CPWA at Level Access from current trends to business case for building accessible digital learning. If you haven't been thinking about this in your practice, you should. The positives for your learners, and your practice, can be significant.

Track I ended up with Dave Derington moderating a discussion on pricing and packaging from the varied perspectives of Melissa VanPeltJulie Cochrane, M.Ed.Mary Simpkins, and Erin Weber. The discussion really gave great nuggets of inspiration to fee-based learning, a la carte and subscription-based offerings. I think my takeaway was that each organization created a path that made sense given their business and the pandemic upending so many plans.

Track II had Dave Derington discussing the benefits of outsourcing some of the work that needs to get done with your organization. Build partnerships to scale your program from consulting services, to building content or delivering content. It an be a great way to bridge activities as you grow.

Which was followed by Fiona Leteney of Fosway Group leading a panel of EMEA practitioners discussing the importance of learner experience to lead to business impact. Fabrizio ConradoIsabella SinnottVikki Smith and Sinead Murnane all took the opportunity to discuss how they have build solid customer and professional training practices that are incredibly strong on outstanding learner experiences.

The closing keynote was Daniel Quick of Scaled Agile (SAFe®) Training by Agilemania talking about agile processes for learning: how to leverage your resources to create the best program you can. The more agile you are, the easier it is to scale, and pivot to match the markets you serve. As always, it was a great presentation with much to think about.

And of course, a little SongDivision to wrap up the day.

I met a lot of great people today, from presenters to others in the various discussions. It was outstanding.

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