Any way to send a completion certificate to a manager?

  • 9 August 2023
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We have managers who would love to get their learner’s certificates without having to go into each profile. Does anyone know of a way to send the completion email to the manager as well as to the learner? Or even if there could be a monthly report that included the link to the certificates?

(grabbing at straws here!)




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3 replies

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We schedule a completion report to customers if the want to see who completed that month (or whatever cadence they want). None of our customers have cared about the actual certificate, they just want to know who completed it. 

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This came up for us a year or so ago. The certificate link can be added to a certificates report in Create/Looker using the “PDF Asset Path” item. The dropdown item is “certificates”. I can never remember the name, so always just end up searching for “Path”.  The recipient of the report does not need to be logged-in in order to view the certificate via the link in the report. 

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@KyleITI  Thanks for this info - I had found this recently and completely forgot I had posted here!