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  • 23 April 2024
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Hello. Do there is any possibility of customizing the colors within the Client Engagement Dashboard? Charts’ colors are not adjusted to our branding and I’m wondering if there is any way to change the colors within this report?  


Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions,

5 replies

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As far as I know, you have to recreate it as your own report/look and then you can adjust colors in the visualization. 

I have requested that we have editing rights to these standard reports or at the least the ability to copy them and then be able to edit the copy. I find the majority of the canned reports to be useless because I can’t filter out our demo accounts from the data sets. 

So, I had to go in and recreate most of the reports I wanted as best I could and then put them all together into our own dashboard with the colors of choice. 

I have also asked if we can replace the dashboards on the home admin screen with our own dashboards, but no response to that yet. 

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your answer. You mentioned, that you have editing rights to these standard reports. As standard reports you mean those reports that are available in the below tabs:

I used the same approach with reports. I recreated most of them and added them to the dashboard. But some of the default reports are very useful for me as well and I’m wondering if there is any way to edit them…. 

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@Alena Egorova Unfortunately, I don’t have editing rights to those on the Executive Summary or any of those tabs and that is what I have requested as I would like to have those too...even the ability to copy and edit.

I can’t use any of those reports for our company because I can’t edit them.

The same is true for the Library reports...I use very few of those because they have only basic filtering capabilities. 

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@Alena Egorova @LisaRollins  The styling is coming from Google looker and not Ti best I can tell.  You would need a combination of CSS and HTML to change the colors.  I cannot find a way to make this possible.  I targeted what is below using the class .highcharts-point and it did not apply my changes.


<rect x="102" y="17" width="28" height="189" fill="#14C9C9" opacity="1" class="highcharts-point" tabindex="-1" role="img" aria-label="Issued Month 2024-03  Certificates 6,356" style="outline: none;"></rect>

Hi @LisaRollins and @charles.zimmerman . Thank you for you replies. We need to work with custom reports or create CSS and HTML codes to change colors within default reports. If I find a way to change it I will share my findings with you, 

Thank you,

Alena Egorova