Does anyone use Access Expiration in Panoramas?

  • 25 January 2023
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I noticed that when we add a learner to a panorama, the access expiration date doesn’t show up until that learner enrolls in a course, then the access expiration shows up on their Access detail page as a License expiration.

A couple questions:

  1. if they never enroll in a course, do they just stay in the Panorama forever? or until removed?
  2. if they enroll in more than 1 course, the course expiration is the same for all courses even if course start dates are different. So what happens after the expiration date? I know they lose access to their courses and they can still see their certificates, etc. Can they get another invitation to the Panorama and start courses again? Will that count as another seat?

Thank you!

1 reply

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That’s interesting. I have tested out the access expiration on sublicenses and have found that the clock starts when the log into it for the first time. When your giving access expiration to a pano or to a sublicense, it’s not applying to the content but to the box that houses the content. So, even if the content is available longer, they don’t have access anymore. 

I have found in testing that once the expiration hits, they can still appear to log in, but it doesn’t take them anywhere, no dashboard, so it appears as if they can’t log in. But, this doesn’t disable the learner record. If you add them back to another pano or something else, it’s the same account and shouldn’t count as another license.