How do you deal with Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy?

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Hi folks!

My colleague @krevoir is wanting to know how others on the TI platform are dealing with managing cookies, cookie policy and privacy policies on your platform. Anyone who’s willing to share, please let us know!

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Best answer by Alexis McLaughlin 31 May 2024, 12:18

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Hi Giovanna, 

The cookie policy was a big deal for us this year since we are global and need to work with GDPR regulations. There are a few things we have done/do to comply:

  1. Out IT dept is constantly reviewing our list of manager roles and challenges us on who has any level of admin access at the main school. Their goal is to ensure that no one has any access level above what they need to do their job. 
  2. Our legal team has reviewed and determined that what we collect on learners is very low risk from a data security standpoint. The PPI we have is only name and email. We don’t collect address information or anything else in TI. 
  3. We added the cookie banner recently, this was big for GDPR. It allows learners to decline non-essential cookies. We have found that this doesn’t track page views/visits, which “is what it is.” We don’t like that we could be losing that data, but it’s a necessity and nothing that we can do about it as it’s become pretty standard. We did a good amount of testing in this before implementing and found that course progress and data stays. So, for our trainers interacting with learners still get everything they need and none of that is impacted. 

Happy to chat about any of these or anything else that you’re working on! 

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@Alexis McLaughlin , thank you so much for sharing! @krevoir and I really appreciate your help.