How do you use Learner Notifications in Learning Paths?

  • 2 July 2024
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Hi there fellow TIers!

We would like to see the ability to have learner notifications trigger off of Learning Path Milestone Completion, and that isn’t currently a supported feature.

Does anyone do this currently, or have suggestions for a work around to accomplish these messages? Use cases are:

  • Congratulations on completing xx milestone, you have xx more to go!
  • You’re ½ way to completion of your LP!
  • XX time after milestone completion they should be at this point in the LP and they’re off schedule

Like this idea? Upvote it here: Learner Notifications - triggers | Thought Industries Customer Community

1 reply

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We only have ours set up for dates. Like 7 days after starting and so on. We just remove anyone who had completed so they don’t get the reminder at 7/30 days or whenever.