Lockout after test attempt

  • 7 February 2023
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we need to create test/quizzes within a course. We have specific needs:

  • 3 attempts 
  • Lockout of 24Hrs after 1st and 2nd attempt
  • Lockout of 1 week after 3rd attempt

I could not find anything like a lockout option in the tool and there was no mention in help articles.

Anyone else has the same issue and found a way to set it up or a workaround?


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Hi Irene, 

Lockout is only attempt based and not time passed. I know of some workarounds that can be used with forgiving attempts and APIs but you are best speaking to your CSM for these type of discoveries. 

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Thank you @Philcahill87 ! 

For “attempt based” you mean giving to the leaner 1 attempt only for the assessment, correct? And once they have taken it, if they fail we can open another attempt?


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Yes, So you can forgive attempts on the learner record under Users. So if doing it manually you could get a list of all fails and then just remove their fail X days later. It stays in reporting but the learner gets another chance. 

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Hi @Irene -

We have a similar request/issue! We also are very interested in what others are doing. Our scenario is:

  • Learner takes a course that has an assessment at the end that they must pass
  • If they fail, they must wait 24 hours before the 2nd attempt
  • If they fail attempt #2, they must wait 72 hours before the 3rd attempt

We would like to automate this process as much as possible. Here’s what we’ve tried so far.

Option 1

  • After failed test, they email us requesting a retake
  • After 24 hours, someone on the training team goes in and “forgives” the exam attempt 
  • The Learner then can attempt the exam.

If they pass - YAY and the course is complete on their dashboard.

If they fail, rinse and repeat the email/forgive process.

✅ This keeps the exam and content in a single course for the learner and bundled together on their dashboard

✅ The reports show the failed attempt score (the forgiven one) and the passed score.

❌ This is a manual process for both the learner and our team

❌ There can be a delay in 2nd and 3rd attempts because of emails passing through time zones and the requirement of manual intervention


Option 2

  • After failed test, the fail message says they will receive an email when they are eligible for a re-take.
  • A learner notification is automatically sent after 24 hours with a link to a 2nd attempt exam
  • The learner clicks on the link and attempts to pass #2 (Attempt #2 is a stand-alone “course” with a single page - The Exam)

If they pass - YAY and the EXAM course is complete on their dashboard (but not the original course).

If they fail, an automated learner notification is sent after the “lock out” time with a link to their 3rd attempt.

✅ This process is automated for both the learner and our team

✅ The reports show all attempted scores when viewed by the learner name/email.

❌ The original course with the exam is never “compete” on the learner dashboard because they failed the exam

❌ This could be confusing to the learner because they will see different “courses” on their dashboard - an incomplete one for the course and the failed exam and a 2nd one for the passed exam

❌ The reporting can be confusing when viewed by the title of the exam/course because they are different content pieces


Option 3

We are looking for help here! What are others doing to automate the process of 2nd and 3rd exam attempts that are only allowed after a certain amount of time has passed?

Please let me know if I should post this elsewhere to gain traffic/feedback as to what others are doing.


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Hello @RKBrodeur,

thank you for the detailed use cases, you tested the process a lot!

I agree with you that the lockout period should be a setting from the Admin side and the whole process should be automated (manually forgiving the attempts is not a good option for us either).

Why don’t you make a suggestion here on the site? I believe we are not the only ones with these issue and I will upvote straight away!




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Hello @Irene and @giovanna.orlando I have created the suggestion 😃


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Thanks @RKBrodeur ! I voted for it!