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  • 9 February 2024
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Just wanted to know if anyone used the merge report function and got the report correctly.

I am trying to create a custom report based on the below filters:-

1. All Sublicenses in the Panorama

2. All Learner - Name and Email id

3. Learner Content Status - Started, Completed

5. Certificate Status - Earned Date and Expiry Date

I tried to create a custom report based on the above requirements using the merge feature, I merged 2 reports - Learner Content Progress and Certificates, however the report is not giving me the expiry date of the certificates, but when I do individual certificate report the data has the expiry date.

When I merge the certificate data with Learner content progress report the expiry date gets lost.

Is there a suggestion for this, please.

2 replies

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Greetings @Vandana .  I believe I found all that you are looking for within the single existing report for What Certificates are Being Earned?  Merge reports have no documentation and not all reports can be merged.  I do believe that it’s best to start w something simple like Who Are My Learners?  There is something about data tables needing to match certain fields.  For now there is this from what you and I both know.  Enjoy and hope this helps.  

What Certificates are Being Earned?


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Hi @charles.zimmerman Thank you for checking this for me and helping with your comment.

I think this will work.