MS Teams as a Webinar tool

  • 21 September 2023
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We need to have MS Teams as our choice for Webinars in TI , the problem is we have over 250 Instructors and we would need to authenticate these Instructors against the Teams integration section. We have recently found out that the TI - Teams connection from time to time needs to reconnect  / re authenticate for each Instructor. This causes a problem for us as we need the Instructors to get into the system and do so, having a large number of Instructors is a big problem. Does anybody have the same issues and any workarounds. 

3 replies

We have a similar use case and our solution was to engage IT and have a “generic” conference user account created.  We use that to schedule the Teams meetings and invite the relevant instructor by session.  That way any admin with the conference user creds can make any edits, reconnects etc with the generic account.  

Thanks for the reply, That’s the route I was thinking, We have a Teams service account which should not require as many reconnects etc which is better for us that creating 250+ instructors . The only thing we need to check is how many concurrent meetings we can use ?

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