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  • 22 February 2023
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Has anyone allowed a Pano manager to create content? Our CSM has told us that we should be able to create a custom role and add the permission “creating content” - but I believe what I am finding is if I base it off of a Panorama role type, it is error-ing out, can’t even log in to that account. If I use a Content Author manager and try to assign that manager to a panorama, it doesn’t allow me to do that either.

We are getting in the weeds with Panoramas and manager roles - and are (understandably) being told by Ti support that this is difficult to support due to the massive amounts of customization - hoping there might be others out there who have done some of this.

Thank you!


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Hello - 

Yes, we have done so with one Panorama. However, I created them using the Pano Admin template. Also, so far they have only updated courses assigned to them by myself, as an Admin. They have not attempted to create their own yet. 

Here is how I set up their permissions within a custom role group -


What I learned for them to be able to edit existing content is that each page within a course will need to be enabled for them to do so. Not sure this is something you are looking to do but I didn’t realize this at first so I wanted to share. 


Hi,  I have struggled with this also.  Whilst a degree of content creation rights can be given as part of Panorama Manager role, there are certain aspects (e.g. tagging the content etc.) which are not provisionable at Panorama Manager level.

We are having to give individuals two separate log-ins - one as a Panorama Manager and one for content creation.

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interesting info - I tried to create a custom role (using the Pano Admin template) with the same permissions you shared in your screenshot and that admin still does not have a + button to add new content :(

Here’s the permissions I have it set up with:



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@Caroline Northam - that’s a great idea to give 2 logins, but doesn’t the Content Creation role have access to all your courses on your main site? I have been unable to set up a custom role with “Create Content” permission and be able to assign it to a Pano.

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We have all our pano admins able to create content, this was a big part of our use case when we onboarded. These are the permissions we have turned on to make it work. We’ve learned that sometimes some permissions don’t work unless others are turned on that may not have anything to do with it. 


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fyi - I have recently found out that this is actually behind a feature flag, so no matter what I did with permissions, until that was toggled on, they could never create content.

Julie/Alexis - thanks for sharing the above info!  Can your Pano content creators also tag content?

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@Caroline Northam  No, I don’t believe that tagging is allowed for the Pano content creators.