Preventing specific content from showing up in the access widget

  • 27 March 2024
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I’m trying to write a query to prevent certain tagged content from displaying in the learner access widget so that learners only access this content via a LP and not each component individually. 

When I do no tag: “XXX” or - tag: “XXX” or saying tags instead of tag, it hides ALL the content in the widget and not just what I'm targeting. So then NOTHING displays in the widget at all. 

What am I doing wrong here? 

2 replies

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I am not sure that this helps, but I have a tag for each widget where I want things to appear. 

So, we have a featured widget with our live events and the tag is live. So, any live events get that tag and then I can only show that tag in that widget. 

I also have a tag for catalog, so in your case, I would put the catalog tag on the learning path, but not on each individual course, so only the LP would show in the learning path. 

I struggled to get mutlitple tags and other things to work properly, so I decided to go this route instead. 

I have sublicenses set up, so users see live and catalog events based on their sublicense, but I use the live/catalog to show them in those widgets. 

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Thanks for the brainstorming! I’ve done similar things and can def see if this could work. My challenge is in the user access tab though. I don’t want to remove that widget because we need it for certificates and completions, but really only want learners to access their content through the LP. I’ll keep on tinkering and see where it takes me.