Pull Content Actions Log for Courses in Learning Path

  • 2 February 2024
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I’m trying to create some reports I can share with others regarding Learning Paths so they can easily track learner progression.


Am I missing something regarding using a specific Learning Path(s) as a filter to show a learner’s progress on the courses within that Learning Path? I start with this report here:

and I can’t seem to figure out how to add the course names to it.

I feel like my ask is very simple and I’m just hoping it’s my newness to the platform is the problem.

3 replies

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Unfortunately I cant locate the base template in Reporting Hub for this but we have a report on our site that is based off something called Learner Learning Path Progress (Panorama) and I think it does what you want to report on multiple LPs at once. If you only want to report on a single LP that can be done via Courses > Reporting

Our CSM built the original in Reporting hub and we use the report copy feature to move it to other panoramas as needed. You may need Ti to create the based report first. 

Here is an example of what it looks like


and this is a shot of the fields used


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Hey @Christopher.Hernley , thanks for sharing!

That is pretty close to what I’m looking for, but I would want it to show the same LP name multiple times, but then the course/object in the LP that is complete and not complete. Here’s an example of what I’m trying to get:


User Email Learning Plan Name Course Name Course Percentage Complete Learning Plan Alpha Required Course 1 100% Learning Plan Alpha Elective Course 1 50% Learning Plan Alpha Required Course 2 100% Learning Plan Alpha Required Course 3 90% Learning Plan Beta Optional Course A 0% Learning Plan Beta Optional Course B 0% Learning Plan Beta Required Course C 25%


Of course I’d like additional data points in columns, like course start date, last activity date, completion date, and other data points like that.

This way a manager can run their report and say “Oh, User1 still needs to finish Required Course 3 and Required Course C. I’m going to direct them to focus on those before completing Elective Course 1 and Optional Course A and Optional Course B.”

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Sure thing - I don't believe Ti exposes the necessary tables directly in Reporting Hub for us to make the kind of report you are describing. 

The closest may be a learning path actions report with milestones included, but it isnt really what you’ve described.  This wont give course % progress complete but would show when LP milestones are completed (if you have them included). For what it is worth depending on how your users are to progress through the content milestones can complicate things by introducing forced linear progress based on required vs elective content. I’d recommend you test it out thoroughly. 


The only way we’ve been able to accomplish what you are after is by exporting data from the platform and manipulating it outside to match course progress with learning path progress (as basic as an excel template, or as advanced as a BI tool). We done a bit of both and I’m happy to give more examples of if you’d like to discuss. 

Your CSM and the Support team are probably going to be your next best step for any in platform solution though!