Recertification Action - Add Recertify in Current Session to Learning Path

  • 8 June 2023
  • 4 replies

Currently Recertify in Current Session is only available for course certifications. It is not available for Learning Paths. Our certifications are at the Learning Path level. That is where we would like to see the setting for Recertify in Current Session.

4 replies

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Did you mean this to be a suggestion? 

@LisaRollins This is also a request. We would like to have the ability to recertify in session for our learning paths, because that is where our certificate actions are set.

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@lilianfm I just meant did you mean for it to be a Suggestion in this community for people to upvote? 

This would be great and save us a lot of time. Currently we have need to have learners recert every 2 years, obviously giving them a cushion say 60 days prior and after expiration for recertifying. Currently we have to build multiple recert courses for learners as the Learning Path has no way to set these requirements.