Reporting on the Learning Experience

  • 17 January 2023
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Question came up around reporting. What kinds of reports are you using for you, for your learners, and for segmented populations using Panorama? I’ve heard a lot of different responses, and thought I’d ask you all.

3 replies

I use the Content Actions Log. It provides to my client an full overview of all content that has been touched in the month.

We are currently creating the “Report / Create / “What is a learner’s actions within a particular content item” report for each of our panorama clients and then tailor it a bit to provide the user info, content usage (with action status date) and sublicense the learner is assigned. 


We could avoid this effort if TI was able to modify their Panorama “Learner Usage” report to:


  1. Allow admins and managers to add more than one selection in the “Filter by Group” option or even better, allow admins and managers to have an option to report just on the group or to include the children groups underneath the parent in the report. 
  2. Display the Content action date rather than the “last active date’ in the “Learner Usage - Content Details” look. 
  3. Include Learning Path statuses along side individual content items


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What are my learner details?

Underestimated.  Overlooked.  Missed value.  

This report has more than just learner details.  It works.  It’s simple.  You can report on content status and more from this one question.  Hope this helps.  CZ