Roster View for Panorama Client Admins

  • 10 November 2023
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The only roster-like data that we can provide panorama admins is via reporting, which is very problematic because the reports are historic and list all enrollments. They are not the current state of enrollment for a course (not a current roster) and we can’t filter them to show only the current state.

We really need a way to effectively provide panorama admins with a current roster because that is a function that most of our clients need, especially when there are seat limits set for vILT/ILT courses.

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4 replies

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@markhenderson have you considered making the instructors content creators so that they can get to the roster within the content?  Just a thought.

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Any update on this? We are having more and more clients complain about this issue

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@mgkaulen @markhenderson  The first issue for us is that only a Pano Admin can even view the roster.  A pano manager cannot.  You almost have to create a custom role or you must update the standard permissions for a manager to include.  You will know there is an update when Ti responds by moving this to things in consideration.  It still needs upvoted.


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@mgkaulen @markhenderson @Community Team  Can this be moved to Suggestions?  It looks like it was submitted as a question perhaps.  Thank you.