Where are all of the places that the Course Group Title and Session Title appear?

  • 11 September 2023
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I am trying to determine all of the places that a course group title and session title appear within the platform, e-mails, etc. I believe the course group title appears in the learner dashboard and I believe the session title appears in the certificate earned email, but other than those, I can’t see where else they would show up. 

If anyone has any additional information, it would be appreciated.

2 replies

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Hi there, Mark!

While I don’t have an exhaustive list, one place you can look to give you an idea of where it shows up is in Translations. Specifically, go to Translations > English, then search for session and take a look at the results to see where the session title might appear. Same idea for course groups, though this might be more difficult since it yields fewer results. Try out some other phrases once you get the hang of Translations.


Hopefully this gives you a good starting point and doesn’t muddy the waters.

They show up in notification emails (course purchase, etc) and also in the transcript, as well as the certificates if you don’t set it up to use a custom field or session custom field for “Certificate Title” (which is the workaround we use for this). 


Also, since Learning Paths don’t have session custom fields, you have to use a secondary custom field for this (i.e., “Certificate alt title” to use in the custom fields for learning paths so that you can use a custom certificate (either in the learning path itself or in the CAM) for learning paths to use this custom field instead of the session custom field.