Zapier and TI

  • 8 November 2023
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I’d like to hear how everyone is using Zapier to automate tasks in TI and how that is working for you? We have a few tasks that we’d like to automate, but I’d love to hear how everyone is using it before I start to narrow down what we need. 

3 replies

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We are only using Zapier for data notifications/webhooks & to qualify what notifications we get. For example - we have a data notification from TI “webhook me when a course collection is purchased”, but we don’t want to know when ALL course collections are purchased, only specific ones - so we use Zapier to narrow it down to a sku or a title, then deliver the email notification as necessary.

It seems to work well - had 1 blip where Zapier had an outage, but that happens, right?



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Thanks for sharing @juliefiretech

I am thinking of using it to provision content, but I definitely need to learn more about the options first.  

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Our first use-case for Zapier was to notify certain managers when a course was completed. Ideally we wanted to do this by sublicense, but reference field was more reliable. If a user is in two or more sublicenses that field comes through as null. 

We’ve used it to mark courses complete using the “course external activity” API endpoint. 

We have it set up to assign new users to a specific learning path. We had to use Zapier Tables for this. 

It is also just a nice, easy to use interface to do things with the API endpoints.