Zapier and TI

  • 8 November 2023
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I’d like to hear how everyone is using Zapier to automate tasks in TI and how that is working for you? We have a few tasks that we’d like to automate, but I’d love to hear how everyone is using it before I start to narrow down what we need. 

2 replies

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We are only using Zapier for data notifications/webhooks & to qualify what notifications we get. For example - we have a data notification from TI “webhook me when a course collection is purchased”, but we don’t want to know when ALL course collections are purchased, only specific ones - so we use Zapier to narrow it down to a sku or a title, then deliver the email notification as necessary.

It seems to work well - had 1 blip where Zapier had an outage, but that happens, right?



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Thanks for sharing @juliefiretech

I am thinking of using it to provision content, but I definitely need to learn more about the options first.