AI Artificial Intelligence- Check This Out

  • 7 February 2023
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I am not a paid or promoted endorser but check this out.  60 languages.  180 avatars.  For making videos. Just need the script and save your SME’s from having to become voiceover experts.  Thoughts?

7 replies

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Personally, I don’t like the “synthetic” voice and look, but it surely could be a time saver in some cases. I think you would really need to know your audience and what they want/need. 

When I have run across these in a longer training video, I will often turn on captions and mute the voice because it is distracting to me and my learning. I wouldn’t be a good audience for these! 😂 

Go to the link.  It’s well done. @LisaRollins  Best I have seen yet.

These avatars are real people with AI moving expressions and mouths.  We are going to do a trial I think.  I am impressed.  This ain’t no Google translate.  LOL

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I have reviewed this product before. It is good, but I can still tell that it is AI and would not use it for my company at this time. 

Good luck with your usage of it.

@LisaRollins Most of my SME’s are English as second language.  They simply won’t make videos because they are shy to use their dialect so this may be a go for us.

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That sounds like a great use case, especially if you need it in different languages! 

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Here is another Software that goes further if you are a software company. It has the same voice but also does screen recording for you of your software.