Coupons for Learning Paths?

  • 16 February 2023
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Is it possible to assign a coupon code to a learning path? I do not see it as an option under the enrollment » ecommerce tab like I do for VILT/ILT/Webinars/Course content types. If not, how do you discount a learning path for a customer? Global coupon codes will not work - because those apply to all content in your instance (unless I am missing where you can append a specific content item)? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

4 replies

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I think this would be nice to have since we often attach a certification to a LP, we like to give them coupons and we had to remove our certs from and LP to make it work in TI. 

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@grace.filkins yes - that is our exact use case. We have on-demand certs tied to learning paths. The global al la carte will not work for us because we have multiple cert types as well. So if you apply a global code for 25% off - that will apply to all content items on the site - which will not work.

For your use case, did you just combine all your content from the original LP into 1 super long cert course? 

We have this exact same issue. Right now, we’re actually using a totally separate payment processor (Cvent) which is really not ideal. We won’t be able to use TI at all for this until this issue has been resolved.

If you all get a chance, please upvote this product enhancement in the Suggestions area!