CSS for Assignments (No Comments)

Good day all.  We use assignments a lot to say the least.  One thing we don’t care for is the view of comments just before the actual type or attach assignment.  Please vote this up as we have never found a use for comments and most users complain that they just start typing only to copy paste into type assignment.  Here is what it looks like by default and we want no comments ever.


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The fix is just some CSS.  I am sorry I failed to mention that above and there is no edit once posted.

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I’m glad to see you found a fix! We really like the comments here and use it as a way of one to one communication between the trainer and the participant. 

@Alexis McLaughlin NO I have not found the CSS.  I need that and we definitely do not want any comments as users are under the impression that this is where they submit the assignments.  It’s very confusing and we do not want it.  Also, your example if you shared one is not visible.  It won’t change that we do not want this if that saves you time.  Thanks for the consideration.