Delete a certificate from a learner transcript

  • 22 January 2024
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Wondering if anyone has a solution for this… 


We very regularly need to adjust course completions for learners that get credit for a course that they didn’t actually complete. In this scenario, the learner will have logged into an ILT (so they show up on the attendance report) and then have to leave part way through. They look like they attended, so they are marked as such and then a completion certificate is issued. Days/weeks later, the learner contact customer service because they want to re-schedule the session they needed to leave early from. Customer service will change the completion status and the attended status allowing the learner to reschedule, however we can’t get the certificate to come off of the learner’s transcript. 


TI has some people working on a solution to try to help using 3rd party tools, but we aren’t there yet. This doesn’t seem to be too off the wall and I’m wondering if anyone else may have figured out how to work through revoking a certificate? 

1 reply

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This is something we are interested in hearing more about as well.