During migration, courses were put at Site Level. Can we move them to Panorama level?

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As the title says. We are working to figure out Panorama level content authors and have deduced that they cannot edit anything built at the site level, unless each PAGE in the course is modified. With over 200 courses and on average 3 pages per course, we’re looking at ~600 page modifications, which comes to about ~30,000 mouse clicks. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Is there a way to logically “move” the course from the site level to the panorama level? We tested this with the role and confirmed that they could create the course at the panorama level, and it could still be edited at the site level, without impacting the author at the panorama level.

Is this doable? Maybe via API? I’d rather not have try to “rebuild” every course at the panorama level because then we’re dealing with completion data issues. 


Thanks in advance for the details!

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Bumping this with some additional information I’ve found while looking further into this…

1 - I cannot find any correlation in any IDs or flags or anything that indicates it was created at the site level or it was created at the panorama level.

2 - I’ve checked both data that comes in from TI into Salesforce, different reports directly within Ti, as well as I had someone help pull API information, and all of it looks similar.


This has led me to the conclusion that there is some value/metadata associated with Course/Content Details that is not visible to the average Site Admin. I say this because there HAS to be something that is checked by the platform to determine if a Panorama role can or cannot create new pages on a course. If the course is created at the site level by someone with site level permissions, then Pano Authors cannot create new pages - they can only edit unlocked pages. If a Pano Author creates a new course at the Pano level, then the Pano Authors can create new pages within the course, plus Site Admins can edit the course at the site level without ever impacting the Pano level.


I’ll be taking this up with our CSM to review further.

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Hi @dhall 

I will mail you off line on this, but ultimately there is no way to move a course from the Main site to a Panorama via native App Funtionality.

I will have to talk to my Professional Services team to see if this is something that we can do via the back end.


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I don’t have an answer for you, but wanted to say that I feel your pain. We work exclusively with panos and pano content authors and your situation sounds like what nightmares are made of. 


Something you said in your original post gave me pause and I wanted to share my experience so that you don’t face the same challenge. We create course templates at the main school and provision them to all our panos. Pano admins/authors then copy that course inside their pano for each class that they run. The customize them a lot and upload fresh videos of their trainers each time. At any point a pano admin/author needs help in a course, in the past we would always just go into to content list or pano to find them and help them tweak/edit their pages. About 2 years ago, we had a massive issue with corrupt pages plaguing our whole platform and we learned that editing a pano authored course at the main school was the cause of the corrupt pages. So, now anytime we need to help them, the team will log into a different admin account with the pano role and assist in that way. 

I don’t know how it all happened, but when it did it was a MASSIVE issue that I wouldn’t wish on anyone!