How do you manager ILT in a Learning Path?

  • 29 December 2023
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There is so much to consider.  The only thing that I am certain of is that you would NEVER put an individual session in a Learning Path unless that LP has a short shelf life.  

Currently I am adding the Parent/Root/Primary content to the LP but the way ILT is structured, I find it all very confusing.  I then select to let the learner chose from any session available. Sometimes this works and sometimes not.

What to do to keep it clean?  Are you archiving your past events or just unreleasing them?  I would love to do a Zoom and let you share your best practices with me if you are willing.  Thanks for the consideration and add what you can here for others who also struggling with ILT in a LP.  

4 replies

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We’ve found a hacky way to do this. It works for us, but it is definitely not the intended functionality of TI’s learning paths.

Basic idea is that we have a free “Intro to Learning Paths” course that we put as the first milestone on all learning paths. Then we set some toggles - see attachment, starting page 13 under Enrollment section. The toggles make it so that people can enroll in the learning path for free, take that first course for free, but then have to purchase other courses along the way.

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@charles.zimmerman  - we actually just stopped using sessions for our ILTs because there was so many questions around using them, so unfortunately we create a single ILT for each of what should be individual sessions of our ILTs. It just seemed like archiving and unreleasing was not working consistently and sessions would show up for sale when they were already passed, among other issues.

Sorry - no help here - just sharing our experiences -


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@giovanna.orlando @juliefiretech You have both been a great help.  What I hear internally is the same that you are sharing.  Events for ILT/VILT need to hit the developers' queue maybe before the next UI change.  I don’t know of anyone who has made ILT work the way it is documented and it is scarcely documented.  We too just create parent/main session ILT’s but this means I am going to have to pull the old session out and put the new session in each week and that sounds to me like it’s draining the ditch to catch a fish.  The ILT back end just makes no sense and doesn’t do what it says it will do.

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@charles.zimmerman The main portion of our use case is ILT/vILT and we have to agree with you. There are definitely some hacky solutions to most of the issues you may encounter but it just isn’t designed well from the start.

Sessions are good if the topic and general use of each session will be the same. You can bulk upload sessions fairly easily but it gets a little more complicated if you are using pre/post for them. 

In a learning path, you can allow learners to attend any session of a specified course group. They will be able to select from a drop down for available dates.

Not sure if this helps for your specific use case but let me know if you want more explanation.