Learner Notification for Content/Learning Path

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When setting up a learner notification using the type “Content/Learning Path(s)” Notification type -

I want all content included from 1 specific Content Type (Online courses) - is there any way to choose all of those courses easily?

Currently when we click “all content” - it is including our ILT (in-person event) learners as well, and the emails that go to online course learners do not match what our in-person learners should be getting.

I’m hoping that I’m missing something obvious - Thanks for any assistance!


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Suggestion: add an option to alert options when new discussions or comments are added to a course.

Learners may not be in the habit of checking EVERYWHERE in a course to stay abreast with comments that may be posted throughout a course

I actually created a piece of content to trigger notifications. It can be as simple as an article with anything on it, like maybe a marketing flyer. I’ve used a “How To” video. This content item can be added to each learner record to be targeted, maybe automate it through registration codes, and then only those learners will receive the notification. You can even exclude it from being visible on the learner dashboard. It would show up in the blue Activity bar, but you can exclude it from even showing up there and the learner will still technically be enrolled in it.