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I have a question on Learning Paths and how others may be experiencing them. I have a heard this a few times from our customers and internal users. I cannot figure out the reasoning. 

A user has completed all of the required courses within a Learning Path - the courses are showing as 100% Done / Complete. However, the user is either 1) Unable to receive full credit for the course through the points Gamification 2) everything within the course is showing as Green / completed but they do not receive the Certificate of completion. 

Attached in image LP1 is my user that completed the Learning Path, showing that the Certificate has been granted (Learner has not received), however milestone 2 is showing as “Not Complete”. LP2 image shows the course listed as Complete, but the points obtained is 125 / 150. 

Any information or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I keep spinning my wheels and coming up with no logical reason! Thank you! 

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