Limit Days of Access After Enrollment? on Learning Path

  • 2 October 2023
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I’m building a learning path, and I’ve limited the days of access after enrollment to 180 days. However, the learning path is composed of courses that all have 90 days as their “limit days of access after enrollment.” will this contradiction of access days affect learners? Which access date will override the other? The 90 days within the individual course or the 180 set for the learning path?


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4 replies

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Hey Madeline! Our support team might be able to get you an answer if you check with them. :)


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For future reference, Ti support (shout out to Vance!) responded with the following:

Thanks for reaching out regarding the scenario in which both the Learning Path and content within the learning path have access limits. I've done some testing in my own sandbox to confirm that purchasing the Learning Path access limit will override the courses access limit. 

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Thanks so much! Vance *is* the best.

I’ve added this as a tip to the learning path support article.

we are just stating to use LPs now and have a similar, but slightly different scenario. We have one LP that is comprised of of 8 courses. We will be creating multiple instances of those courses throughout the year from the one LP. Because we only use one LP, we can’t set an Access End date for the LP. The instances of the 8 courses will have an access end date of 30 days after final course ends. My question is this: would the open ended “end access date” of the LP override the access end dates of the 8 courses and would give the learners indefinite access to their LP and the courses within it OR would they just always have access to the LP and access to their 8 courses would end after the 30 days?