Managing entry to webinars

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello TI Community!

I have a question related to webinar integrations.

We plan to make use of various TI webinar integrations (primarily Zoom, Adobe Connect and hopefully MS Teams).  One thing we are struggling with is around how to prevent the webinar links from being shared beyond our approved attendees.   

When someone registers and receives the event confirmation/ calendar link email from TI they contain direct links to the webinar room and theoretically these could be forwarded to other people (who aren’t approved/registered users) which would enable them to gain access to the session. 

Sometimes we have 500+ attendees so we can’t necessarily implement the features some webinar platforms have where you can place all attendees in a waiting room and admit them manually.

Has anyone identified any workable options to manage this?

Many thanks,

Caroline @ Mastercard Academy

3 replies

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That’s a good question! I don’t have an answer, but that would be concerning because if they have a link to your live session, they have no reason to log into TI and then will miss out on anything else you’re trying to do. 

Is the integration a key element for you? Could you do an event template and copy/paste the links into the meeting page?

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@Caroline Northam 

the ideal solution would be to have the option to choose Substitutions when you create the email that bring you back to the platform (TI) and you can only launch the webinar from your account.

At the moment there is nothing preventing the learnerd from sharing the webinar link, or broadcasting teh webinar for multiple people to see, at least using Zoom integration.

The only way you can try to “gate” this is to leave the “Registrastion” requirement on in Zoom at least, so the learners will have to register when launching the webinar.

You can see who attended in Zoom reports, so potentially you could figure out if someone shared the link.

Sorry this long answer is not the one you were looking for, maybe we can add this as a suggestion!


Thanks Alexis and Irene - both really helpful comments!

I think the main challenge is the Ical invite which allows the user directly into the webinar.  If that link was replaced with a link to first log-into TI and launch the webinar from there, that would address the issue.  Time for a new suggest a new product enhancement I think 😃