New Courses & Content in Progress vs. Panorama Admin View

  • 26 June 2024
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Hi All,

I need a little help from some TI experts to help talk through a scenario and think if there are any solutions - I had a few ideas but in testing, they did not pan out. 

We use Panoramas. Every customer of ours is in their own Panorama. Every customer gets an Admin for them to login and manage their own Learners. From the Pano Admin view, they can access our courses / content. 

My challenge is, that the courses we are currently working on for Edits or Pending Validation are also viewable to these customers. In the end, it's not a big deal but I would hate for them to see information that may not be fully defined, vetted, accurate, and cleaned up. 

All of these courses have EDIT MODE or DRAFT within their title, 1) for us to track internally on the backend and 2) my hope is that the customer Admin knows that they are currently being worked on and therefore may not be complete. 

My Question: Is there a way to find these courses from a Pano Admins view? 

Few other notes:

  • We provision our content through Tags. These courses within EDIT MODE / DRAFT do not have Tags. 
  • We do have these courses within one of two folders on the backend (EDIT - IN PROGRESS and READY TO BE PUBLISHED). This does not appear to matter, Pano Admins can still see within the Courses list. 
  • Our courses / content pages are all “Unlocked for editing by children” because we do offer Customization of our content for customers - this is how the customer will edit the information within their Pano. 

Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you all - love this community! 

3 replies

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Hello @chetler-findlay Are you saying that content you have not provisioned by tag is viewable by a Pano Admin?  My first thought is for you to exploit the publish feature within the course.  Not talking release.  Just don’t publish your changes I would think.  This would prevent them from seeing much in a preview if in fact they are seeing content that they shouldn’t.  Perhaps you are using the Pano Content Creator role that is new and I know nothing of that because it doesn’t fit for us.  

I noted that you titled your course DRAFT.  A suggestion.  I would consider making my first save of the name of the course without that so that it doesn’t make it to the URL of the course.  Then go back and add DRAFT after the first save.  Hope this helps.

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That’s really strange behavior and shouldn’t be happening. We use panos exclusively and provision by tags too. A few things that come to mind to check:

  • What are the pano admin roles? are these created as client roles or are they main school roles? All of our pano roles are custom, but started with the client roles. 
  • My first thought was that there has to be a tag still on them, but you said there isn’t. Are you releasing all your content? We do not release anything, we just publish. I can’t remember what happens from the pano admin side, but I do remember that if we release something, even if not provisioned, that learners would see it. 
  • Has your CSM or support tried to help? 
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Thank you both for your feedback and insight! 

Charles, you’re absolutely correct to point out I should not be naming the original EDIT or DRAFT! Good call, I have modified my ways! Appreciate that tip!

Alexis, it could be around our Custom Pano Admin roles. I had previously worked with my CSM to get the security level access that they would need to be able to view content and customize their sublicenses / add learners. We may need to revisit this. 
We do not release content, only publish. It's not the end of the world if they can see it, I just don’t feel comfortable with them seeing something that is still going through QA & Validation. Thanks for the information - appreciate you taking the time to share and help!