Possible to populate catalog with multiple tags?

  • 28 February 2024
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We are hoping to populate a “recent news” catalog of articles, and would like to include articles with multiple tags for a specific Panorama.  For example, we’d like articles with the tag “News” as well as those tagged with “Instructor News” to be populated in this specific catalog. But from the catalog widget, it seems like I’m only able to use a single tag to populate the widget. I seem to break the widget when i modify tags:”News” with any additional tags.  


Anyone doing something similar and know if this is possible?



9 replies

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I don’t know the answer to your question, but why are you using different tags? To place into specific sublicenses or provision content? 

We use a “catalog” tag to pull items into a catalog widget, but I also use other tags on the content to provision to sublicenses. So, the widget just shows “catalog” tagged content, but only that which has been tagged for that sublicense. 

So, can you tag them all as News to show up in the widget, but use other tags to organize them elsewhere? 

Thank you @LisaRollins for the reply and feedback!  Not a bad idea the way you’re proposing.

Right now, we have public articles that we share with everyone, and articles that are only for specific users within a panorama we’ve created for a group of our instructors.  We want the “news feed” for those instructors within the panorama to include both the public and the instructor specific articles.

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That should work is how I have ours set up: 

content x - tags: Catalog, Sublicense1
content y - tags: Catalog, Sublicense2

So, in the layout, the widget is set to only display content with the Catalog tag. 
But, the sublicense determines which content comes in, so users in Sublicense1 will only see content x in that widget and users in Sublicense2 will see content y. 
If I tag both sublicenses, everyone will see this: 
content z - tags: Catalog, Sublicense1, Sublicense2


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@NickStriegel have you seen this article?

check out the section on the AND / Or Operators, we also have examples

AND Operator

AND Operator is used to test for two or more queries. All conditions must be met to dynamically display content. An example could look like this Type:Value AND otherType:otherValue


Thank you @Philcahill87 

If I’m understanding the article and example, in order for the AND operator to work, the two types must different.  Is that correct?

When I test this in our instance (i.e. tags:”Public News” AND tags:”Instructor News”) I only get results from the last query.  

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@NickStriegel ok sounds odd, do you mind submitting a Support ticket and I will have the team investigate it what’s happening as it should work showing both. 

Will do @Philcahill87 .  Thanks so much for your input & guidance.  Always appreciated!

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@NickStriegel AND and OR can also be chained together to create queries such as:

status:"published" AND (contentType:"Free Webinar" OR contentType:"In-Person Public Workshop" OR contentType:"Short Course" OR contentType:"Workshop" OR contentType:"In-Person Private Workshop" OR contentType:"Private Workshop")

For anyone looking to do something similar, thought I’d share that using the OR operator is what solved this issue for me.  i.e. tags:”News” OR tags:”Instructor News” is working great for us.