Remove Bookmark Feature

  • 13 February 2023
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Is there a way to remove the bookmark feature on courses? Our company uses SCORM and PPT files for courses, so the bookmark feature is not helpful to our learners. Is there a way to remove this feature from courses?

2 replies

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Hello - I recently learned that the Bookmark Feature is a Feature Flag that can be enabled by your CSM or TI Support. You would need to contact them in order to do so. From my understanding, this is an all or nothing flag. There is not an option to enable or disable from certain courses. If you have it turned on, it’s viewable / accessible for all courses. 


You could also hide it on a case by case basis in the custom css in a course. This is the css I’ve used to do that. 


.application .course__container .learner__content .learner-section__title__container .bookmark-dropdown__link.bookmark-plus

   display: none;