Resetting a Competency Assessment

  • 12 March 2024
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Am I overlooking how to reset a user’s Competency Assessment attempt?

I configured an Competency Assessment in Courses > Settings > Competency Assessment, added it to a Learning Path Milestone, and configured it to only allow the learner to attempt it once.

After I tested it and purposefully failed, I can see my results (Learning Path > Reporting > Competencies) but I cannot “Forgive” the attempt anywhere.

I also do not see the “Assessment” under the Assessments section in the user activity, just one from a different course. Am I missing something? What’s the purpose of the Competency Assessment if I can’t forgive or use it to actually assess learners?

3 replies

Hello - I believe it is within the individual user, you have the ability to Forgive an attempt. 

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Hi @chetler-findlay , checked there. It’s not there. The one that is there for a quiz inside of a course.


Note this is all within our TI Sandbox.

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Hi @dhall

If your end goal is to test a learner's knowledge of the overall learning path, a competency assessment would work well if:

  1. You do not need to control number of attempts
  2. You do not need to be able to forgive attempts

If you need that level of control, we recommend creating a course with the assessment you need for the last milestone rather than using the competency assessment.

With that said, we would still encourage you to submit this as a product suggestion. 

Hope this helps~