• 17 December 2023
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I’d love for Ti to have a more powerful search function. Automatic would be good where by you don’t need to press enter. Also having a wider - free text - search across the platform and not just within the course layout.  We use the course content for some pretty content/data heavy stuff and at the moment I need to ensure our learners know that they need to search within the course layout to find what they need and even then the results are not the easiest to understand. They wont find it from the main search as the 500 character limit means I can’t add nearly enough options to even come close. Does anyone else have improvements they’d like to see in the searching? 

2 replies

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Yes, lots of search improvements requested….head over to the Suggestions page and upvote them all and add this one! 😀

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@Susan Gearing Are you taking advantage of the federated search?  I would talk to your CSM because it goes deeper into content.