Survey Data in the Reporting Hub

  • 18 August 2022
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Hello! Curious if anyone has any best practices about how to create custom reports in the reporting hub specifically for course level survey data. I am looking to be able to create one report (which I can filter by content title) and then see all of the survey questions and answers for each person in that course. This might be super easy to do - but I am just really struggling with how to make this happen! Any guidance is appreciated! 

4 replies

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You many want to take a look at the Assessment tables from the main library and search out assessment attempts.  See if that does what you’re looking for.

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In reporting hub, go to explore>learner content and progress section and start with “how are my learners doing on assessments?” This should be your baseline report and then you can add and change your filters. It’s going to pull all the assessment pages for all your learners across a course, so if you use 6 assessment pages, it’ll bring in the data from all 6. If you export this and add in a few pivot tables, you get a really nice view of each learner individually. The only warning is that this report takes a long time to run, so hit run and then go make a cup of coffee. 


Thanks for your responses. Has anyone been able to create or edit a report that can analyze the exact question/answer level data for ALL of your learners (that are taking the same assessment) in TI? If so, what report did you edit, what filters did you apply and how did you pivot the data to set it up that way? If you created the report from scratch, would you be willing to share your filters and set up process?

@Alexis McLaughlin it seems like this is what you are implying above, but did you have to add the question filter and add each question individually + the answer filter and the associated answers? That would be like 500+ fields for me to add (I must be misunderstanding something here).

I have tried numerous ways to set this up and cannot figure it out. And when I did finally come up with a workaround  - it broke and then was told it was a glitch in the system and was never supposed to function that way.. 

I’m really struggling here because if we cannot see which questions are being missed holistically across our courses (that use the same assessment), how are we supposed to know which objectives and goals need to be refined in our content to make improvements? I have worked in previous LMS before and this was a native reporting capability. Not to mention this is a basic feature in google forms, Microsoft forms, etc… 

Any help here is appreciated - I have attended numerous office hours, coordinated with tech support, and even outreached to a friend who specializes in evaluation and analytics and was not able to find a solution to this very basic reporting need that should be standard. I have to be missing something here! Thanks so much!

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@kristinmize You shouldn’t have to add all 500+. 


This is the configuration we use to run something similar. This end up pulling all of the assessment pages (about 20) within a course into 1 and then we filter on the learner. We export this into excel and we can do a lot of nice things with the data.