The value of suggesting product features and upvoting

  • 20 March 2023
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I am curious to understand what value is placed on the product suggestion page, as it appears that some features which have been highly upvoted are not being taken into consideration. On the other hand, some features which have much lower vote count have been completed. While I understand that other factors may be at play when making decisions, I would be grateful if you could provide further clarity into this process.


3 replies

Good call @Pedro da Silva ! 👍💪 was making similar reflections here too. It is one thing to have a suggestion board, another to act on it and communicate transparent about it.

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I was wondering what the status of these suggestions are too. There are some great ideas that everyone seems to want (like the Tag Manager)!

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While I will look into this further with the Community Team, I can say that the screenshot with the low numbers are all Items that had ratings high from suggestions in our old process of capturing information via Platform. 

The numbers are actually much higher and not reflected here as we used a different software to capture info. Its seems like these 3 requests highlight as completed is more of a notification that we did roll it out but it 100% was part of our backlog suggestions. 

I will ask Kristine for an official response on this.