Try This To Keep Learners focused on the Sequence of a Learning Path

  • 26 January 2023
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We love the Back to Learning Path link at top left of any learning path but my boss has asked if there is a way I can enforce or suggest the order that content should be completed.  I have added a “Next Item” button to the bottom of every article and course that is literally hard coded to the next item in sequence.  Here is that code if you are interested but please NOTE:  You will not want to release the content.  Just release the Learning Path.  If you release the content, it will have a next item button that is totally out of context outside the Learning Path.  Here is the Code.

<p> </p>

<button onclick="window.location.href = '';">Next Item</button>



1 reply

Note that I cannot use Prerequisites feature.  Many of our content items are Articles and articles do not support Prereqs.