Using Prerequisites

  • 16 February 2023
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I am working on moving our professional certification pages into Ti. There is a hierarchy where some certifications require that you pass another one before being authorized to register. I have been planning to use the prerequisite feature for this. However, as I was setting up a proof of concept yesterday, I found that users can’t get to the details page at all if they don’t have the the prerequisite. I had expected that you could get to the details page but wouldn’t have the start button or something like that. 


This has thrown off my plan because I want everyone to be able to see the general information about the certification including the study resources, etc. 

I have some ideas about workarounds that I’m exploring now. But, has anyone here addressed something like this where you don’t want someone to actually have access to the content item without the prereq, but you do want to inform them of what to do to get the prereq?


2 replies

One new note on this… I was looking at the help article and it seems to indicate that learners SHOULD be able to see the detail page for a course that has prerequisites assigned. 

Now my question is also “Why can’t my test learner see the detail page?” I’ll do some more exploration and check in with the support team. 



I have resolved why this is happening. We have the option to “skip details page” enabled because that allows learners to skip a page if they already have access to content. AND I was planning on having the certification content items be available with login. 

Those two settings in combination mean that logged in learners can try to load the detail page and the system wants to skip the detail page because the person has access. BUT...they don’t have the prerequisite.

This makes sense now but means I have to figure out a different plan. If I provision the certification content by any means (panorama, log in, etc) users without the prereq won’t be able to see the detail page. We don’t use ecommerce - everything is free or provisioned in panorama. I have to think through how to make sure the details page is visible for all but access is only available after the prereq is met.