Video settings: how to turn off the "Mark as Watched" option

  • 20 February 2023
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Hello there,

we upload recordings of sessions and webinars, normally uploading the file into a course within a Video page.

It’s usually fine, but we noticed that some of the videos display a "Mark as Watched” option on the top right of the video widget. I checked multiple times the settings and they are the same as other videos.

I could not find any information on TI help pages and videos, and I can’t find the way to remove that option. 

Anyone knows where it comes from and how I can deactivate it from the course?




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Irene, do you have a picture of that? I haven’t had that in my experience where it was an option.

I spoke to support about this just the other day, here’s what they said - 

The "Mark as watched button" and "Check out other courses" is automatically added into a course if the only item in the course is a single video. So maybe it will disappear if you add a page before or after the video page.

I think it’s so strange that the options for customising a video (adding captions, adding a poster image) are available when building it into a course, but not available in the standalone video content type.

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@JAllen thank you for confirming that!

I tested it in our Sandbox and i noticed that it was there with one video and then it disappearead when I added more.. I was trying different options.

I agree with you that the options should be available for both pages ad content. I also find strange that there is a feature that is automatically added and there is no way for an admin to control it.

We might need to have only videos in the portal but we do not want learners to mark them as completed themselves, even if the completion criteria has not been met.


@stinaintx I attached here a screenshot of what shows up when you have only one video as content