View Time for SCORM files

  • 27 March 2024
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Our course lessons are created in Rise and uploaded to TI as SCORM 2004 (4th edition) files -

We are having random issues with learners reporting view time issues on their SCORM files (Course lessons) -

  • often we get reports that view time is inaccurate - sometimes it shows 0.0 hours when a learner has actually completed a course! Sometimes it just records an inaccurate amount of time - obviously this is a “he said/she said” issue, but when looking at the SCORM activity logs - it definitely looks like there is significant activity, but it very often ends up as Incomplete/Unknown. 

TI support suggests this could be due to browser settings or using incognito or VPN - all of which are possibilities. We always confirm that our learners are using an up to date browser as well as suggesting to not use private/incognito browsers.

Does anyone know how to actually read those SCORM Activity logs? We’ve seen a log time indicate 4 hrs (first timestamp to last timestamp) for just 1 lesson - but the view time for the entire course is only recording 1.0 hour! 

Anyone else having similar issues or have any advice? Thanks!

1 reply

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We are experiencing the same issue. Our current course offering primarily consist of courses with a single SCORM page/package. I have yet to receive an explanation as to why this continues to happen.