Building a better Catalog

Hi everyone!

The Customer Education Team here at Thought Industries just finished a webinar about how we revamped our own catalog (see our attached slides). 

But our way is not the only way!

We’d love to hear from you how you developed your catalog. What process did you use? What TI functionality did you engage? Any issues that you’d bring up?

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Hi Sandra! Is there a recording of the webinar I could access?

There sure is!  Follow this link.

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Thanks Sandra! I’ve scheduled time in the future to watch this webinar.

You’re very welcome Giovanna! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Dear Sandra,

Thank you very much for sharing the recording.
The federated search looks great, I particularly loved the Federated search section,
bu unfortunately I did not understand if federated search with similar layout for search results and advanced search filter is also available for us to set up on our instances: does Search widged on custom pages support Federated search or a global search, if put on the dashboard, supports it?
Some time ago we tested Global search on the dashboard and it displays search results on a separate page but it is tricky to know where each search result belongs to. With Federated search UI it would be more visual, in case it registers pages with catalogs on which such and such search items are found.
Could you please advise?
Thank you very much!

Happy to share, Irina - glad ti was helpful!

I should be clear that we use a third-party application called SearchUnify to set up our federated search. This application indexes both our Academy and our Help Center and provides search results that include information from both places. That application isn’t part of the Thought Industries platform.

Having said that, though, your customer success manager might be able to help you with some strategies for improving your search! Are you in contact with them?

Thanks a lot, Sandra, for the information.
Yes, we have a great customer success manager to reach out to :) We will reach out.