In-App Learning

  • 14 February 2024
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We use Ti to train our customers on our software. We are interested in exploring putting content more directly into our software instead of always sending them out to Ti through a link in our tech. Wanted to see if other folks have considered (or done) something similar. A few of the things we have considered are:

  • Using a tool like Pendo
  • Enabling the In-App widget that Ti offers (I am assuming this is a similar experience to what Ti does on the Admin side when you select Help)?
  • Building an experience from scratch utilizing the Ti APIs

4 replies

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We aren’t doing this now, but definitely are interested and would love to hear if anyone has used Pendo and TI together for in-app content. 

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We are actually currently using Pendo to link out to content! But it is rudimentary in the sense of we just utilize hyperlinks that open up Ti content in a new tab. @LisaRollins 

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@jdrake @LisaRollins Perhaps you can say more and I will look up this integration but this sounds like SCORM connect at it’s core. Am I missing something?  Also, no one can upvote this idea but it was submitted as a conversation.

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I haven’t had experience utilizing SCORM Connect, so thanks for calling that out @charles.zimmerman. I’ll do some research there, initially, it looks like that may get at some of what we are looking to do. And yeah, I don’t really have an idea or suggestion to upvote, moreso just wanted to hear some of what others are doing in this space so we don’t have to fully recreate the wheel!