Question of the Week #1: Are you using micro-learning concepts in your VILTs? If so, how? What vendor(s) are you working with for VILT?

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Had this question come up in another forum, so I thought I’d ask your opinion - how are you using micro-learning in your VILTs? Are you? What vendor(s) support your VILT efforts? Drop a line here and let me know.

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Kind of? From a couple of different perspectives. 

(1) Using short (45 min) VILT sessions as testing for new content. Once they’ve been tested in the VILT series a couple times, they can be bundled into a course.

(2) Creating a course that is built of many of the short lecture pieces that can be bundled in a variety of different ways to manage 

Still having a problem getting the content down to 10 minutes or less.

We’ve had success using VILTs within Learning Paths to deliver professional lectures to specific audiences in a learning program. Mixing courses, articles live and VILT sessions throughout a learning path helps keep learners engaged throughout the day or week-long program. We use Zoom primarily for VILT. Although our company prefers Webex, we access it through SSO, and so are not able to integrate Webex with the VILT content item.

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We have not integrated microlearning into our VILT yet. Many of our instructors are quite old school and integrating multiple methods is a challenge for them. We have a big process change coming with a certification body that I think is going to allow us to finally get people on board.

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We aren’t actively using VILTs just yet, but see microcourses being used as a navigation tool for the pre-learning component to let the learner know what to expect and where to find the link for the live session, where they can find resources, etc. Looking forward to testing VILTs out!

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We are using the pre and post learning options to provide microlearning prior to our VILT and then offer follow up after. 

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We build smaller pieces in the VLIT and as we continue to grow our content this will allow our learns to taylor a path for their needs. 

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Our VILTs are typically very long form. Our shortest are our free webinars at 45 minutes. In those, we give out a lot of resources to get people started on the topic we covered in order to pull them in to taking a longer, paid course.

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We are knew to eLearning and currently trying to figure out what will work best for our customers. I like the idea of using Micro Learning for a super short easy-win topics! Thinking a quick video would be easiest. 

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VILT is next on my list to implement.  Will use GTW and Zoom.