Question of the Week #3: Are you using gamification?

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Is gamification part of your learning plans? If yes, what’s your strategy? How are you using it? If no, do you plan to?  


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We are trying to incorporate gamification, specifically leaderboards into our courses, but finding the existing tools to not do what we want so we’re looking at outside vendors for this. We want to be able to award points for dynamic aspects like leaderboard discussions and behavior that happens inside of the classroom that might not be seen on the platform. Right now, all we can really figure out is how to award X points based on an activity, but it would allow for all learners to get the same number of points and doesn’t reinforce the behaviors that we are looking for or provide motivation other than clicking through. 

With a previous vendor, we had the ability to manually assign points via a bulk upload form and trainers would give points for first one to arrive, first one to post, most active on discussions, bonus points for providing quality and insightful responses, attendance (bonus points for no classes missed), basically the behaviors that are challenging. When we introduced those elements, the behavior dynamic totally shifted and it was a huge improvement. 

If using Ti Gamification it is critical that you set it up in the Control Panel or backend ASAP.  We waited 1.5 years to consider and “points” are not retroactive so existing 2k Learners would need to be manually granted points for learning items completed.  We are considering for 2023 but we are concerned that some Learners may wonder why they have fewer points than completed items.

Our story is simple, 1 point (award) per Article completion.  15, 30, 60, and 100 points will earn you a badge.  We are not yet showing to users in hopes that by the time we make viewable, folks will see some points achieved.  We are considering for certifications but so far, just a simple point system.  More to come as we Optimize this function.  Thoughts or questions?