Question of the Week 5: Registration Code or Redemption Code? Which have you used, and why?

  • 16 August 2022
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Have you used either registration codes or redemption codes in your setup? How did you use them? Do you know how your learners liked using them? Tell all...

3 replies

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All of our content is provisioned to specific users, so we use registration codes to help us provision. We don’t have any e-commerce or other courses that we would offer a redemption code for at this time. 

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We use them a few ways and it’s typically the registration code:

  1. to provision content for some courses - we use in our business and set these up for the pano admins when they have a large number of people to provision content to
  2. When we don’t always know who the learners are - this will be in the case of a larger corporate deal where X seats are purchased
  3. to give content that we don’t want in the catalog. We recently started creating additional learning courses that are for learners once they have completed a course. We don’t want these courses in the catalog and only available to specific people. So, we link to the redemption page with the code in there already for learners and they can then get their extra content.
  4. We have ebooks on our platform that need to be tracked in a very specific way for billing purposes. We use registration codes for this and allow our trainers and pano admins to give out the codes as they see fit. Then we only bill based on the redeemed codes. 
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@Alexis McLaughlin  - we are trying to figure out some of what you seem to have already figured out - how to use registration codes with Pano admins. So are you saying that you create the registration codes, give them to the pano admin, then let them dole them out to their learners? Do you bill upon usage of the codes?